Creating a sustainable future is important to the Eastgate team, playing a key role in our decision-making processes. We are committed to playing a role in addressing global environmental challenges and the tremendous impact the built environment has on our planet. Wherever possible we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint and increase sustainability. 

We believe it is important to share our efforts with our customers, tenants, and the local community and are proud of our achievements; so far:

75% of all waste is recycled

50% reduction in carbon emissions

61% reduction in electricity use

33% reduction in gas use

45% reduction in water use

1900 light fittings replaced with energy efficient LED

To ensure Eastgate is as sustainable as possible, we will continue to apply our resources and management capabilities to the 464,667 square feet of property, undertaking a range of measures focused on energy efficiency, waste recycling, and ensuring awareness of environmental issues amongst employees, contractors, tenants, customers, and visitors.

At Eastgate, we see sustainable transport as an essential part of our ongoing commitment to the local community ensuring we become a more environmentally friendly shopping centre. We are working to promote sustainable travel making the most of our town centre location ensuring walking, cycling, bus, taxi, and train travel are viable options for all our visitors. We have installed a Brompton bike locker adjacent to our main entrance providing customers, visitors, and tenants with the opportunity to hire green transport for onward travel within the local area.

To ensure the transparency of our ESG performance and environmental commitment we will annually publish our ESG Impact report online for download and continue to meet the requirements of our ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and associated accreditation.

2022 Eastgate Shopping Centre Impact Report – download here.

Eastgate’s Environmental Policy – download here.