From pre-loved clothes and shoes to beauty empties and toys, there are numerous ways to recycle your items and get something back, here at Eastgate.



Don’t want it? Recycle.

H&M Garment Collecting programme has been going since 2013 and works like this:

1. Take any unwanted clothes or textiles, by any brand and in any condition, to one of their stores.

2. Hand in your bag of old clothes at the cash desk and receive a thank-you voucher to use towards your next purchase. Easy!

Once you’ve dropped off your previously loved fashion in one of their garment collecting boxes, their business partner takes over. They empty the boxes and sort the contents into three categories:

Rewear: Wearable clothes are marketed as second-hand clothing.

Reuse: If the clothes or textiles are not suitable for rewear they’re turned into other products, such as remake collections or cleaning cloths.

Recycle: All other clothes and textiles are shredded into textile fibres and used to make for example insulation materials.

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Donate feel great!

As part of New Look’s mission to spread #ThatNewlookFeeling, they’re excited to collaborate with Hospice UK. Hospice UK support over 200 hospices in the UK, providing care for more than 225,000 people suffering from life-shortening illnesses every year and offering invaluable support to their friends and family.

By donating your pre-loved clothing and accessories you’II support Hospice UK’s amazing work, (reducing landfill waste and helping your local high street in the process). They’re currently partnered with over 200 Hospice UK stores, so you’re never far from a donation point.

How it works

Take your good quality, pre-loved fashion and accessories to your local hospice store at:
Highland Hospice – Inverness, Falcon Square, Inverness, IV1 1 LQ

There’ll be a QR code on the store’s counter – just ​​​​​​​use your phone to scan.

Now, simply fill out the form to receive 15% off your next New Look shop. Enjoy…

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Recycle online with Reskinned.

Get up to £25 off your next Joules purchase*.

Joules have partnered with Reskinned to give you an easy way to extend the life of the clothing we’ve crafted with care. They’ll take back your pre-loved Joules clothing, footwear and accessories, then Reskinned will rehome or responsibly recycle them. As a thank you for joining the ReWear initiative, you will receive up to £25 off to spend the next time you shop with us, both online or in-store.*

*Rules apply. Maximum takeback value of £25 per takeback. Minimum spending applies to redeem the discount code. Over 18’s. UK only.

How it works

  • Use Reskinned’s simple online tool to add the Joules items you want to trade in to your takeback basket.
  • Package up your items and take them to your chosen courier drop point.
  • Once your trade-in is verified, Reskinned will send you your discount code.
  • Use your discount code next time you shop with Joules, both online and in-store.

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Fatface believes style should be celebrated for seasons – and generations – to come, which is why they’ve partnered with Thrift+ to offer an easy, innovative way to give your unwanted clothes a new lease of life while supporting a charity of your choice. Plus, they’ll reward YOU too…

How Do I Donate My Clothes?

First, order your very-own Thrift+ bag. When it arrives, register your bag by scanning the QR code and then select the charity you’d love to support.

Choose the clothes you’d like to donate – remember they don’t have to be FatFace, but they do need to be in their best condition.

Post the bag back to Thrift+ for FREE and they’ll sell your items online at

And last, but never least, Fatface will give you £5 off FatFace when Thrift+ receives your order – because they’re nice like that!

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Let’s shwop!

Every time you place pre-loved clothes in one of their Shwop boxes they’re resold, reused or recycled, so absolutely nothing goes to waste.

And now, if you’re a Sparks customer, you’ll get a free treat every time you Shwop. Simply scan the QR code on the top of the Shwop box in the M&S clothing store and the treat will appear in your Sparks hub.

Shwoppping is about bringing a pre-loved item of clothing into an M&S store (even if it’s not from M&S) each time you come to buy something new. You can put your Preloved items into a “Shwop” box (you can find them in more tills in most M&S store.)

All clothing goes to Oxfam and they either resell it in one of their shops or on the Oxfam Online Shop.

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Donations of quality clothing, bric-a-brac, jewellery, and other items are always welcomed at our Highland Hospice Shop. Your donations will help support the Charity’s amazing work across the Highlands. Find them in Falcon Square. 

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Want £5 off* new shoes? Of course, you do! Schuh’s “Sell Your Soles” 

Bring down your old, worn shoes and Schuh will give you £5 off your brand-new pair. You can redeem the voucher online or in-store, whatever works for you. Already got a voucher to spend? Check out schuh’s latest men’s, women’s and kids’ footwear     

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The Body Shop’s Return, Recycle, Repeat scheme 

Once you’ve brought all your empty packaging into the store and the bins are full, their partners Scan2Recycle will come and collect. MYGroup then sorts the packaging at its facility in Hull before being recycled or repurposed into raw materials for new products. They repeat this process every time, so your packaging never ends up in landfill or incineration.

How does it work?

1. Make sure your beauty packaging, bottles, pipettes, pumps, mascaras and lip glosses are as empty as possible, clean and dry.

2. Take them into the store and pop them in one of the Return, Recycle, Repeat bins. They even accept packaging from other brands!

3. They’ll ensure they’re recycled or repurposed and given another life through their UK partners Scan2Recycle, MYGroup and ReWorked.

The Body Shop Refill Revolution

Have you heard about The Body Shops’ refill revolution? They’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic going out into the world with their refillable aluminium bottles. Get yours today in store.

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What is the Recycle at Boots scheme?

Together with No7, Boots are doing its bit to help keep our planet beautiful. That’s why they’ve created the Recycle at Boots scheme where you can bring your empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products, from any brand, that can’t be recycled at home.

Why is Boots doing a recycling scheme?
They know lots of beauty, health, wellness and dental items can’t be recycled traditionally due to their size, what materials they’re made from and various other factors.

Boots want to play their part in looking after the planet by making it easier to recycle items that might be difficult to recycle elsewhere. And they want to reward you for playing your part and making recycling part of your regime too.

What’s unique about the scheme?
Boots are using Scan2Recycle technology, developed by partners Metrisk and MyGroup, to deliver a unique solution that helps the environment and rewards customers at the same time. Win, win!

Until 28 March, when you visit stores and bring five empty products to one of the in-store recycling bins, they’ll give you a total of 600 Boots Advantage Card points when you spend £10 or more – that’s worth £6 (see coupon T&Cs here – offer 32). We’ll also track how many empties you bring back so you can see the positive impact you’re making to the planet.

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Do you know what to do with your empty perfume bottles? Don’t bin them! Bring your empty perfume bottles into The Perfume Shop store.

You’ll receive 10% off your purchase in-store the same day.

Their recycling partner will dispose of your bottles in an environmentally friendly way. Plus, for every Perfume Bottle returned they will plant a tree. 

The Perfume Shop has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) to help give back to our planet. Eden plants trees in locations around the world. For every bottle recycled, they’ll donate the cost of planting one tree to Eden Reforestation Projects, to help them carry out their amazing work and help you feel good when you smell good.

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The Big Toy Rehoming

The Big Toy Rehoming is back, in partnership with the Salvation Army! Please drop any toys no longer played with into The Entertainer store and they will rehome them via The Salvation Army. Since launching in 2019 they have rehomed over 40,000 toys, preventing them from finding their way into landfill.

How it works:

  • Decide on which toys to rehome.
  • Visit The Entertainer and hand your toys over to store staff.
  • They will pass the toys to The Salvation Army to rehome.

Terms & Conditions
Toys with a valid CE mark on the toy or packaging will be passed to The Salvation Army for rehoming.
Toys without a valid CE mark on the toy or packaging will be safely recycled.
No soft toys or plush will be accepted.



Free Grounds for All

Pop by Fairground and pick up your free grounds. Coffee grounds are rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen. They also have some amount of other nutrients like potassium and phosphorous. Overall, this means that adding coffee grounds to your garden can work well as a fertiliser.