Our essential Mother’s Day Gift Guide: beauty, books, chocolate, and more…

Unsure of how to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day? Our guide offers a variety of gift ideas from gorgeous jewellery to luxurious fragrances, trending fashion, delectable chocolates, gripping books, and essential cookware.

Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifts Revealed at Eastgate

Beauty Gifts

Images: Rituals & No7 at Boots

Delight mum with beauty products that match her style. Consider a high-quality lipstick or luxurious skincare product that she might not ordinarily treat herself to. A relaxing bath set could also make her feel extra special. Check out Rituals, The Body Shop & Boots.


Image: Paperbacks at Waterstones

Books are an excellent Mother’s Day gift. Whether she loves mysteries, heart-touching stories, or cooking, choose a bestseller from her favourite genre or introduce a new author. Consider adding a personal note stating why you picked that book. Find all the latest reads at Waterstones.


Image: Mother’s Day treats at Hotel Chocolat

Chocolates are perfect for any occasion. Sumptuous chocolates offer unique flavours and textures. Remember her preferences in this sweet indulgence and consider pairing it with creamy liqueur for added luxury. Let the team at Hotel Chocolat guide you.


Images L-R: PJs from Next, Bag from H&M, Shirt from White Stuff

Give her a stylish Mother’s Day gift. Survey her wardrobe, then select an elegant scarf, trendy handbag, or piece of clothing. If uncertainty lingers, compliment her style with a gift card to her favourite clothing store. White Stuff, H&M and Next are filled with stylish options.

Cooking Gifts

Image: Kitchen Aid & Apron from Lakeland

If your mum loves the kitchen, enhance her culinary world with special cooking gifts. From high-end knives or a sleek blender to a gourmet basket of exotic spices, find something that elicits joy with every use. Check out Lakeland and Grapetree Foods.


Images: L-R Chisholm Hunter, H.Samuel, Pandora

What better way to show appreciation than with a timeless piece of jewellery? From elegant necklaces to sparkling bracelets, jewellery gifts have a unique way of conveying love and admiration. Our jewellers like Pandora, H Samuel, Ernest Jones, Hera and Chisholm Hunter will be happy to help!