Landscapes inspired by the mountains, glens and shores around Liz Peck’s Highland home.

Liz has had an artistic journey filled with transformations and success however, like many other artists, she suffered from imposter syndrome and therefore lacked confidence in both herself and her work.  However, her encounter with Louise Innes at the One of a Kind Gallery in Eastgate proved to be a turning point in her career. Louise’s mentorship, support and encouragement led Liz to embrace her identity as an artist and gave her the confidence to pursue her passion to be a successful, professional artist and businesswoman.

Another significant milestone in Liz’s journey was her participation in the High Life Highland Art Fair at Strathpeffer Pavilion. Her work received an overwhelming response, and she was invited to be the Fair’s “Artist of the Year” in 2023. Liz crafted a signature piece for the event titled “Wait now: Breathe” and donated the proceeds to Mikeysline, a local mental health and suicide prevention charity after she was stuck in a traffic jam on the Kessock Bridge due to a “police incident”.

Liz’s success at the High Life Highland Art Fair was a testament to her artistic talents. Her paintings sold out completely, and her unique representations of the mountains and lochs of the west coast of the Highlands gained recognition. Liz’s recent work at One of a Kind Gallery showcases her evolving palette, where she explores her fascination with the Aurora Borealis. Despite her remarkable success, Liz remains humble and grateful for every purchase of her art. Her love for her craft is evident in her unique representations, derived from her photographs and love of photography. Liz enjoys experimenting with colour and finds immense joy in discovering new colour combinations.

Liz’s journey as a professional artist is fast becoming a reality, as she will be hosting her first solo exhibition at the Square Room Gallery at Logie Steadings in November 2024, marking another significant milestone in her career.

The art community eagerly anticipates what Liz will create next, and her story serves as a reminder that the journey into the world of art is about passion, authenticity, and the joy it brings to others.

You can find a selection of Liz Peck’s paintings on display and purchase at One of a Kind Gallery at Eastgate. Follow Liz Peck on Facebook.