Eastgate Community Gallery (Heather Afrin Art)

1st - 30th September

On display from Wednesday 1st to Thursday 30th September, Eastgate’s Community Gallery will showcase twenty characterful and colourful watercolour and ink paintings by Heather Afrin Art, an Inverness-based artist from the Isle of Lewis.

The Community Gallery is located adjacent to Next in the upper mall (Level 4) of the Centre, and gives local schools, community groups, artists, and photographers the opportunity to showcase their visual art at a prime City Centre location for free. The latest exhibition by Heather Afrin will provide customers visiting Eastgate with a unique but very recognisable interpretation of familiar buildings, villages, and townscapes from across the Highlands and Islands.

Heather Afrin, said: “Buildings have always intrigued me, particularly older buildings with a mix of materials - old stone, worn wood, slate of different colours, imperfect lines, all telling a story of many years of living, a history we can only imagine and a home over the centuries to protect its inhabitants. I use artistic license to find the unique human touches in the construction, sometimes incorporating squint windows and wibbly corners, where in reality they are eye-sight straight. This adds to the life and personality of the building in a way that precise architectural drawings are unable to.”

Heather, added: “My paintings portray townscapes and recognisable buildings from the Highlands and Islands with a focus on Inverness, so to be able to showcase my work in the Eastgate Shopping Centre – right in the heart of the Highlands, is a wonderful opportunity. As life slowly returns to normal, I feel very lucky to have been supported by Eastgate and hope that the many Centre visitors enjoy my work on display.”

Inverness and the Highland and Islands provide Heather with abundant inspiration for her paintings; however, she is always happy to receive suggestions for new subject matter or enquiries regarding commissions. The architectural work showcased in the Community Galley exhibition is one element of Heather's work, but she also creates seascapes and landscapes in a very different style, generally in oil paint and they tend to be on a larger scale.

Heather's work can be viewed on her website and social media sites (@heatherafrinart). Her work can also be purchased as originals and prints in a variety of sizes from Etsy.

After the exhibition by Heather Afrin Art, the Eastgate Community Gallery will be hosting photos of skyscapes with a focus on positivity and beauty, by pupils at Inverness Royal Academy. Anyone who is interested in submitting an exhibition proposal for consideration should call Eastgate’s Digital and Marketing Executive on 01463 246891, or email <marketing@eastgate-centre.co.uk>.

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