Wear your layers with style...with some #christmaspiration to follow

Hello my lovelies how are you all? As I write this the temperature seems to have raised a notch or two. Which can make knowing how to dress sometimes tricky, as tomorrow it might drop drastically!  Learning how to layer is the key, but doing it in a way you still feel good and stylish. Just like unwrapping your favourite chocolate (ok now I want chocolate) each layer has to be something to enjoy and appeal. 

In a flattering shirt style, this dress is stylish, comfortable and perfect for any occasion. The floral print is inspired by hand crafted stitch techniques and intricate details — it really is something special.  With the adjustable & removable waist tie you could wear this open over a roll-neck/jeans combo for a slight twist and your own version of a ‘coatigan’.  Swap the removable tie for a sparkly waist belt and it immediately becomes something for the evening. 

0h I think I need to have the Simone dress, I mean it has pockets!  I know i always talk about pockets but first of all they are so fab for storing my business cards, and they also give you a more relaxed feel which can be a saviour in certain situations!  It’s beautifully soft and skims over the silhouette for a flattering fit. This is such a key piece to have in your wardrobe that you can add layers to or wear over your jeans for a different look.  I love the cropped back hem, this adds the extra edge and structure. In a vintage style print, the Simone Dress is a staple for your wardrobe. Sticking to autumnal hues is the best way to build a capsule wardrobe this season, you can always mix and match the tones so easily. If you stop to look at the trees just now, gather Inspiration on how the rich shades blend beautifully.

Every wardrobe needs a Breton tee. It’s such a staple and can take on many uses to layer under dresses such as above or simply under a wool coat, jeans and trainers. FatFace have updated this year’s style with super soft organic cotton and — ready for it? Sparkly lurex! What really makes it for me is that they also have a curved hem which creates a softer line and a cropped back hem to sit just where you need it be. It’s worth investing in a few! 

Be EMUsed by Elsi Emu...

“Meet Elsi Emu. She’s the cheeky, mischievous one who loves to play hide and seek. She loves to play games and pull pranks, enjoys running and is good at cross country. Oh, and she’s very vain as she loves to take care of her colourful hair! We hope you’ll love her as much as we do.” - FatFace

Oh, don’t you wish you were little, I would be soooo excited to have Elsi Emu slippers, socks etc.... everything!!! This season, the FatFace kids wear designers have created a range of characters that are completely unique to FatFace! Elsi Emu, Nancy Narwhal and more...

How adorable is the Elsi Emu jumper? Made from the softest, fluffiest eyelash fabric she really stands out on this jumper. I don’t think you’d have much trouble with getting them to layer up. On that note how come as adults we are always freezing but little ones don’t seem to feel it? My 8-year-old boy walks around like its summer! So, I hope he’ll be enticed by the FatFace #NaturalHistoryMuseum collection - after all there’s dinosaurs, a shark AND glow in the dark graphics!

“Meet Nancy Narwhal. She loves anything that sparkles and has a sparkling personality herself. She loves night time and enjoys swimming in icy waters — in fact, she’s known as the unicorn of the sea. We hope you’ll love her as much as we do.” - FatFace

Oh, Nancy you are gorgeous - hmmm that’s an idea for my nieces #Christmas, it does mention the magic word #unicorn. Now to choose from the sweet knitted earmuffs or narwhal scarf? Or both! The scarf is lined with faux fur so she’ll feel super snug and cosy. As I said a real shame, I’m too big!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual trip into FatFace, have you visited their shiny new store yet? And on a final note on #christmaspiration how about these #stockingthrillers from #FatFace. Perfect for when you need that extra little something to complete your Christmas list. Treat the star in your life with the simply stunning sterling star drop earrings. There’s so many to choose from that’s one easy (and enjoyable) way to tick off the Christmas list. Wrap with joy and watch them unwrap with happiness.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

I’m sooo excited…can you tell?

Amanda x

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