Topshop reaches new levels with an innovative re-brand to encourage you to ‘wear IT your own way’ - Be that layer upon layer, texture on texture or just one key item...

This week we are all about Topshops New Autumn/Winter campaign - Topshop IT.  The campaign features eight models of the moment making this a major campaign, Topshop has re-branded itself to celebrate.  Models Anwar Hadid, Dilone, Presley Gerber, Duckie Thot, Birgit Kos, Cara Taylor, Adonis Bosso and Sofia Mechetner bring their own individual approach to the new season. 

The collection is eye-catching, vibrant and youthful - it’s all about experimenting, being bold and pushing boundaries to wear it your way. This very much reflects the spirit of Topshop, and the story they like to tell. Have a look through the Autumn/Winter 2018 lookbook to see how the crew interpreted “IT” (Topshop video).  The models have been styled in a way that draws out who they are and the image they want to project.

Read on for some of the key pieces that you can find in store now to #GlamIT, #LayerIT, #BagIT even #KnitIT.

For the Girls...

#LayerIT - It‘s all about oversized shapes and super soft fluffy textures this season and a faux fur coat is the perfect layering piece. In a gorgeous pistachio so creamy and dreamy - it’s the perfect partner to glam up a party dress or super cuteness in the day with mom jeans, white shirt and sneakers. 

#GlamIT - Snake Print ✔ Midi Length ✔ Vibrant Colour ✔ this dress has everything to take you into party season with extra Glam Factor. Pair with gold to exude elegance or purple for a bold statement. 

#BagIT- Channel your inner retro-inspired look with the ultra-feminine, cute and compact beaded shoulder bag in silver. Love this so much...what a talking point that will be on your shoulder. The structure would mix well with the softness of the faux fur coat above. 

And for the Guys...

#LayerIT  Serious style overload comes from the Oat Overcoat at Topman. Extra points go to the attention to detail at the sleeves and collar - this was my favourite! 

#KnitIT - Join the crew with this Orange Stitch Jumper, it works very well with the above coat. could Topshop IT and experiment by pairing with a bold print shirt. 

#FitIT - Feel the fit with a Maroon Check Skinny Blazer. A modern twist in tradition to add colour with sharpness. Keep simple with a fine black knit underneath. 

How will YOU #TopshopIT?

Oh, I love picking up a new ’coffee table’ book...something that’s pretty to look at and interesting to read! I can spend hours in Waterstones browsing their vast selection, soaking it all up and feel so inspired to build up my collection. 

My two favourites this week are Tartan + Tweed by Caroline Young/Ann Martin and Vogue ‘The Shoe’ by Harriet Quick.  We have such a rich history in Tartan, and the part it plays in fashion, so I’m looking forward to finding out more. And well shoes, what more can I say, just looking at pictures of shoes gets me all excited. There are some absolutely gorgeous illustrations of pre-production designs including Manolo Blahnik - art for the ‘sole’ indeed. Some very good ideas for unusual and thoughtful Christmas gifts can be found in Waterstones - enjoy browsing (and reading)! 

And to quote Dr Seuss...

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

Since writing this I’ve been to #LochnessKnitfest, so I’ll be visiting the craft section next for some knitting books...but that’s a story for another day. I don’t think I’ll be knitting anything catwalk ready yet ha ha. But my 8-year-old son, nephew and I learnt to knit snakes at the festival ... so you never know!

Dr. Seuss also quite wisely says...

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

And lastly a little note on self-care and being kind to yourself. In a world where we worry more this can all go around and round in your head so I wanted to share this ‘worry journal’ I spotted in Waterstones. 

 Very aptly titled ‘Write it down, let it go’ this encourages you to write down your thoughts and worries and then let them go. How beautiful. I find once I’ve written them down you can start to rationalise and ‘tidy your mind’.

Focusing on mind health is so important to your well-being, I hope it’s of some help.

Lovely as always sharing the delights of what can be found in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, the journey never ends.

Amanda x

Amanda Latham is the Eastgate Centre’s personal stylist, who provides a free personal shopping service every Wednesday. You can book an appointment with Amanda by contacting us on Facebook or by emailing

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