The star of the show

This may seem hard to believe, it may seem slightly alien, but it’s about time I let you all know. I often base my outfits around accessories. “But Amanda!” I hear you cry. “Accessories are small and not a priority, I use bags for practicality, and while I’ll often match my earrings to my dress, I never do it the other way around!” I hear you, and I understand, but oh my lovelies, if only you knew the potential that can be unlocked with accessories! Read on for my top tips and I’ll teach you that they can be so much more.

If I ever want to introduce a new colour or style into my wardrobe I’ll often start with a piece of jewellery or a clutch in that style so that it blends in seamlessly with what I already own. This gives a little taster of what’s yet to come before you buy the full outfit, and allows you to experiment with confidence to see what works for you.

Let’s start with leopard print – it‘s everywhere right now! But what if it’s a print you’ve never tried and you’re not sure where to start? While it can be quite daunting to experiment with a new style, especially one as bold as leopard print, Topshop have the answer with this (image 1) beaded fringe leopard print bag! It’s definitely a star piece and has the wow factor to elevate a simple black outfit and bring you up to trend instantly. Wear as a cross body for daytime or use it as a clutch to add some vamp to a glam outfit – if you feel amazing, which you will, try adding a leopard print shirt into your wardrobe rotation and bring the glam back into the office. 

You all know me, I just can’t not talk about sparkle! I audibly gasped when I saw this shimmering glittering creation from Topshop - talk about being the star of the show! I always say that Sparkles are not just for Christmas, and luckily that’s what all the catwalks trends are showing this year. I always knew I was a trendsetter. I’ll regularly wear a statement bag to elevate a simpler outfit – while I usually let the bag do the talking, this one would be singing – it’s fabulous! You’d need nothing else once you placed this on your shoulder. Even though bags are often not seen as an accessory but as more of a function, they can offer so much more, as they can elevate and even change the look of many outfits! 

We turn now to shoes and to the very apt quote by the iconic designer Christian Louboutin; 

“a shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.”  

This sums up the wow factor that these shoes from Phase Eight present before your very eyes. They’re not just shoes - they could be the final piece to add glamour to the jumpsuit, the shoes to complete your dream wedding dress or simply to finish your spark-casual outfit. The equally stunning bag would work well with the shoes, or could be used separately in your wardrobe to create showstopper outfits with ease. 

My top tip in choosing accessories is to buy pieces that catch your eye rather than to going for something particular. This will ensure two things, a) that you enjoy wearing it and b) there’s more chance that it will work with other outfits! As an example, both of these necklaces from Phase Eight are so different - what is bold for you might be simple for someone else and vice versa. The one on the left is amazing at gives the black the warmth it needs, a fab way to make a subtle statement at the office! On the right is a pendant necklace, which is perfect if you like something little more simple. As the top is such a bold colour this is the perfect match, and a pendant necklace is always a lovely way to create a longer line and narrow the shoulders.

Well my lovelies that’s all from me this week, as you can tell I absolutely adore accessories and could talk about them all day!  The Centre has so many to choose from it was hard to narrow it down into an acceptable blog length – let me know if you want a part two! If you ever want to chat more about how to accessorise then why not book in for your free 90-minute Personal Shopping Experience - we will have such fun experimenting! 

I’ll leave you with two bright beauties from Accessorize - sometimes all you need is a pop of colour to add brightness to your day.

Amanda x

Amanda Latham is the Eastgate Centre’s personal stylist, who provides a free personal shopping service every Wednesday. You can book an appointment with Amanda by contacting us on Facebook or by emailing


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