Love is Enough

The newest collaboration at H&M is one of my absolute favourites to date! Fashion-forward designs from HM have been combined with iconic print designs sourced from the vast archive of heritage brand Morris & Co.  After training as an architect, William Morris became known for his innovative print designs which transformed the world of decorative arts.  He founded Morris & Co in 1861 and his aim was to improve the quality of interior design and then proceeded to have an immense influence on the Arts & Crafts movement, which still inspires many of today’s designers.  Even if you’re not familiar with the textile designer, you may recognise his timeless prints - think intricate, folk-inspired florals in soft hues and repeated patterns.

Floral and animal prints most familiar in the world of interiors will be making their fashion debuts - I have featured my top far! I have spotted a pleated skirt and so await in excited anticipation until that hits the store! Pleated skirts have so much flounce and flow it’s always best to keep the top half simple and tuck in where possible to highlight the waist and retain the silhouette. 

One of the key pieces is the ‘Love is enough’ collection is the printed tee, titled from the book of poems Morris wrote in 1834 – which, in its day, would have been deemed quite risqué! Featuring the quote in soft autumnal hues and 100% cotton, it’s the perfect layering piece this season. The print also features in a blouse with a subtler repeating pattern. 

Oh, how I do love a scarf and I’ve definitely got my eye on the silk scarf, a timeless accessory to add in your wardrobe. Simply tie round your neck, wear as a head scarf as shown or as a nod to stylists around your handbag handles for an extra chic look. 

Next up is the knee-length patterned dress in a patterned crepe weave and 3/4 length sleeves. You can always add in a belt if you prefer to have a more waisted style, or layer a turtle-neck underneath for extra coziness. The print has also been featured in a Top so there’s something for everyone. There was so much to see I’ll leave you to browse the images for inspiration. A lot of the collection is already selling out but Eastgate still has a good selection for you to pick up a piece of history.

“My work is the embodiment of dreams in one form or another” - William Morris.  
This quote sums up the collection beautifully - dreamy, romantic and a true work of art.

On the subject of H&M they have some fab accessories to update your autumn wardrobe. I don’t know how many times my hair has been blown about in the wind this week giving me a slightly wild look 😊  So, the solution would be a hat.  But, we still want to look good in a hat and to ensure it elevates our outfit rather than detract. It’s always good to experiment with different styles to see what fits you well AND feels good on. This was my favourite (no surprise it has some sparkle!!). A modern military look to wear with your new winter coat - have you found THE one yet?

Statement socks are HUGE this season - a strong catwalk trend that was featured with boots, trainers even sandals. If it’s something you’ve never tried before there are ways to try out this trend in your own style. I’m a big fan of fishnet socks and wear them regular with my trainers to give that extra edge to a more casual look. They are also fab to wear with shoe boots when wearing cropped trousers or even turning up your favourite skinny jeans. Your feet are going to be sooooo stylish and warm. Ps this is for all ages I promise! 

If you do feel you want to give wearing with heels a try, pick out your sparkliest open toes and pair with the sparkly socks for serious disco fever.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, stay inspired and fabulous!

Amanda xx

Amanda Latham is the Eastgate Centre’s personal stylist, who provides a free personal shopping service every Wednesday. You can book an appointment with Amanda by contacting us on Facebook or by emailing

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