Eastgate Style Hub. What's it all about?

What to expect?

As an introduction to Eastgate Style Hub we recommend that you follow @EastgateNess on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see our Eastgate Personal Stylist, Amanda Latham's Social Media Takeovers every Thursday! From here you will see an array of posts relating to fashion, style tips, body shape, colouring and just some of the beautiful items you can find at Eastgate. 

What does it cost?

This service from Amanda is absolutely free! If you book in your 90 minutes with Amanda, she will take you around shops suited to you, offer style advice and answer any questions you may have! 

How do I book?

If this all seems like something you want to know more about, then you can book a slot by emailing marketing@eastgate-centre.co.uk, message us on any of our social media platforms or even give us a call on 01463 226 457 to book your 90 with Amanda Latham herself. Amanda does this every Wednesday, so be sure to book in advance! 

Customer Reviews

  • 'Amanda has an amazing talent of selecting fashion items which matched my style'
  • 'Just a fabulous fun day with Amanda'
  • 'Amanda introduced me to a variety of accessories to choose from and shops I’d previously not thought of going into'
  • 'I received invaluable fashion and style advice from Amanda'
  • 'Oh what fun I had today in my 90 minutes with Amanda, it made me feel amazing!'
  • 'Goodness me! What knowledge, flair and an eye for style Amanda has!'
  • 'Amanda took me out of my comfort zone, but made me feel amazing'
  • 'I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a new seasonable wardrobe or an outfit for a special occasion'
  • 'Amanda had done so much research beforehand and the whole afternoon went like clockwork'
  • 'Definitely 5 star service - off the scale! Thank you so much, Amanda'

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