All that Matte(rs)

This week is all about the Matte eyeshadow – an absolute staple for every lady’s make-up bag.

Mattes are a must for whether you want to be understated for work or amp it up for the weekend.  For me, a palette must have a good selection of colours that you can create a number of looks with.   Secondly, the shadows must be easy to work with and have a strong solid pigment.  

Not sure what Matte is for you? In general, neutral matte eyeshadows are subtle enough for wearing during the day, while colourful matte shadows can really make a statement.  When choosing tones it’s important to be mindful of your natural skin tone. If your skin has yellow or gold undertones, generally a warmer colour palette will look amazing with your complexion. If you have pink undertones experiment with cool-toned shadows as they'll flatter you the most for a striking contrast. I would always advise talking to the beauty advisors that can be found in the centre if you get stuck, they will be able to help you pick the right tones for you. Look at it as ‘time for you’, self-care is the key to everything.

My Top Tip this week: To ensure my matte eyeshadow stays put I always put a touch of concealer on my eyelids. This will give the eyeshadow something to grip to as well as help bring out the colour more. If you don’t have a concealer you can also use a skin coloured matte shadow as your base.

So, let’s start with one of my favourites (and on my wish list) Created by theBalm Cosmetics which can be found in Debenhams, it was the packaging that caught my eye. I’m always drawn to funky branding something that makes the whole shopping experience that little bit more fun! So, let’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony' the special occasion palette. Featuring nine versatile shades, these matt(e)s are suitable for any occasion with a velvety smooth texture and triple milled formula. Matt(e) Trimony is the perfect palette to speedily transition from business casual to black tie. Huge brownie points also that it is VEGAN. 

Did you know some makeup artists use matte eye shadows as brow powder and liner?  Smashbox which can be found in Boots are on point and have created a do-it-all formula just for eyes. Featuring a #SHAPEMATTERS look book insert, with how-to’s for 6 eye shapes and 5 brow shapes - this may be your new BFF!  All of the 12 ultra-silky, richly pigmented and all-matte wet/dry shades can be used as liner, shadow or brow powder. It’s truly everything you need for eyes in one must-have palette.

For those who want to take small steps into ‘The Matte Factor’ why not try the Smokey Eye Matte Drama Kit by Max Factor.  Velvety-like eyeshadows in rich, matte coordinated shades paired with a brow-defining powder = the perfect Smokey eye look. My favourites are Rich Roses for the beautiful, rich plum, vivid greens and Hypnotic Jade for the mesmerising. Refresh your seasonal palette in 4 simple steps.

Since we are paying so much attention to the eyes, or as often classed as the ‘Window to your Soul’, I feel it’s always more effective to keep the lips nice and neutral with a Matte lipstick.  Enter ‘Meet Matt(e)Hughes’ again by theBalm cosmetics at Debenhams. A long-wearing lipstick that has a comfortable matte finish and a yummy vanilla mint liquid - I’m totally stuck on this! 

Now of course I couldn’t leave you without some glitter - it does indeed put a smile on so many faces! After you’ve experimented with your new friend Matte, you might need something to add that extra wow factor! How about the Too Faced Glitter POP Eyeliner available in Debenhams.  I’m soooooo excited about this, I just need to decide on which colour! I think Fairy Queen and Hey Mr. DJ are in the running - you can mix and match the shades so I might have to get both! It promises to have a Goof-proof application that you just Paint on and Peel off - Fabulously dramatic.

Now you’ve got the important matters of your autumn/winter make-up, add the finishing details and contrast with some rich and bold jewellery. Statement earrings are here to stay and a strong force in the world of accessories with resin, tassels, boho - the choice is endless. Here are some of my top picks from Topshop. Inject brightness and personality into your everyday wardrobe. You could always start with the necklace as a simple way to experiment with bold colours such as the teal and mustard.

Go on give it a try, I bet you’ll look amazing! 

Well my lovelies that is it for this week, I have so much style tips to share I could talk to you all day! Always so lovely to meet some of you on the Shop ‘n’ Style sessions, if you’ve not been on one yet you can book your very own FREE 90 minutes with me every Wednesday. I am booked up the next two weeks so always best to book in advance to get the date/time that suits you.

Have a fabulous weekend and see you next week,

Amanda xxx

Amanda Latham is the Eastgate Centre’s personal stylist, who provides a free personal shopping service every Wednesday. You can book an appointment with Amanda by contacting us on Facebook or by emailing or call 01463 246 891.

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