A New Season and a New Face

I love a new season, as with it comes a time for new beginnings and a new wardrobe...yay!

While it might seem a bit early to be thinking about coats (I’m sure summer is still out there… somewhere), I’m already on the lookout for mine. Your coat is going to be the first (and often only) thing people see with the winter weather and as they always say, “first impressions count”. The question many of my clients ask me is how to pick your coat of arms – read on for my tips for a stylish A/W wardrobe!

First and foremost, you have to really love it – a good coat can have the power to turn heads so you want to make sure you feel confident - especially with all the extra attention! Secondly, it has to be a fit, length and shape that’s right for you. The third is that should slot nicely into your winter wardrobe and work with multiple outfits – or go all out and make it the basis of a new wardrobe! No matter if it’s statement or staple you’re looking for, it’s worth taking the time to find your ‘coat of arms’.  

Check coats are huge this year, and they’ll really step up your office wear or add a sharper twist to your weekend outfit.  Pictured below are two of my favourites from around the centre - both available from Next. Bold and beautiful or contemporary classic - what’s your favourite?  

Another favourite of mine is a duster coat – these timeless pieces last forever and are perfect for those in-between seasons. While they always add a smarter element to day wear, they’re also the perfect accompaniment to an evening dress. Lipsy at Next have the most amazing style in a beautiful rich berry colour. I especially love the stunning cuff detail that just adds that bit of extra elegance. This coat is also very well sized as I’m between a 16-18 in coats etc and the 16 fits well. This will be due to the 3% elastane - something always to look out for. I predict a sell-out...

In other exciting news - have you seen FatFace’s shiny new home? It’s very well positioned near to the infamous clock, right in the middle of RBS and Yours. I had a peek during its opening day and was greeted with a warm welcome, a beautiful fresh layout, and lots (and lots and lots) of exciting pieces! 

Stick your hand up if you’re a fan of Mamma Mia! I personally loved every single outfit that young Donna wore, so I feel I may have to indulge in my Greek island fantasy and purchase the dungarees from FatFace pictured above - how cute are they?! They come in a super soft stretchy denim and adjustable shoulder straps, so as well as being brilliantly comfy, I can see this as fabulous addition to next seasons wardrobe. They look fab styled as in the picture with the gorgeous scarf and tee - you can also pair with a smart blazer/sneakers/white shirt combo for a very cool smart/casual look! 

The other essential to start searching for now is an ankle boot - they really help while transitioning through seasons. While it’s still warm, you can wear them with a little dress, and then as we move to cooler times simply add some tights and layer a long-sleeved basic underneath to create a stylish autumnal outfit! Grey is a beautiful base colour to add to your wardrobe, and these super soft, easy to slip on ankle boots have got ‘take me home’ written all over them! Head to FatFace for your new season fix. 

Well my lovelies that’s just some of my excitement shared - I could literally chat about style all day. It’s been an absolute pleasure to experience and share some of your style journeys in the shopping sessions and I look forward to this each and every one!

I’ll leave you with a quote by one of my favourite designers whose perfumes I absolutely adore – I wear ’Decadence’ for Winter warmth and ‘Daisy Love’ for Summer nights.

"To me, clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear." Marc Jacobs

Have a fabulous weekend everyone – I’ll see you next Thursday,

Amanda x

Amanda Latham is the Eastgate Centre’s personal stylist, who provides a free personal shopping service every Wednesday. You can book an appointment with Amanda by contacting us on Facebook or by emailing marketing@eastgate-centre.co.uk.

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