Spark Joy

Deliver that Spark of Joy this Valentines with a visit to Lapis Jewellers.

I aways love looking at their window displays, such a unique array of styles. Something about it reminds me of a traditional sweetie shop - full of glittering temptations for grown ups!

Oh what to choose from though? Whether it’s that ring for life with quality bespoke Diamonds or a token of your love, you’ll be guaranteed the utmost warmth and special attention. I will be adding a few pieces from their ‘Spark’ range to my never-ending wish list.

A cuff bracelet can act as the showpiece for your evening outfit, sparking drama into the overall look. Encapsulating all of this is the BLACK DAISY BRACELET made from Alcantra® (faux suede) and exclusive Swarovski® Crystals in Light Chrome. The use of fabric gives off a less formal vibe so still ideal to spark up your everyday style. 

From the pictures you can see the vast array of choices - my other favourites are the black thong bracelet with a cute Crystal Heart (£24) and the Large Heart Pendant with a cluster of sparkling hearts within - Simply Stunning (£175)

In February, I think for true Joy ‘All You Need Is Love’ (and Sparkles).

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