I am Feeling That Pink

How to wear pink?

Pink is often a colour some shy away from, often wondering if it’s too pale for their complexion or just too pink!

However it can actually infuse a healthy glow and be an incredibly youthful look! A top tip of mine is to combine it with other darker colors such as Navy, Dark Green, Black or Grey. This only adds strength and sophistication to the pink. 

Noa Noa have captured this wonderfully in the Lightweight Oversize Kimono (£159). The kimono is full lined with beautiful embroidery on the sleeves, and features a tie fastening at the front that also works when left open. 

A garment with a beautiful Japanese history, the kimono holds such timeless glamour. This would be considered an investment piece with multi uses. Wear as shown in the picture with Navy Cigarette Pants (£79) or let it become the showpiece over a long simple evening gown.

Pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and others, inspiring hope and comfort - something we all might need some days. And in business pink can signify success.

It’s time to invest in yourself! 

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